Sen. Moran continues town hall tour in SW Kansas

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran addressed the crowd during a stop on his town hall tour July 7 in Sublette. Photo courtesy KSN News

SUBLETTE, Kan. (KSNW) – For the second time in two days, critics of the Senate health care plan have dominated the public forums hosted by Senator Jerry Moran.

Kansans critical of Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act packed Sen. Moran’s town hall in Sublette Friday.

“This is a moral question,” said Lynn Kinsey, Cimarron resident. “This is not fair to do this to the American people.”

Lynn Kinsey couldn’t afford insurance but signed up for Obamacare after a cancer diagnosis in October.

“Four months of cancer growing in me waiting for that,” said Kinsey. “It finally kicked in, and I was treated, and I had surgery, and I’m cancer free now, thank God.”

Now, Kinsey is worried about her children who are dealing with a genetic condition. She said the proposed Medicaid cuts would hurt her family.

“I’ve got to get them to specialists,” added Kinsey. “I’ve got to get them tested. i have to be able to do those things, and without insurance, they have Medicaid right now. Without Medicaid, it isn’t going to happen.”

Many people who were at the town hall opposed the very concept of repeal and replace, saying parts of Obamacare are worth saving.

“I think we ought to stick with that structure that we already have and say, okay, what can we do to make that better,” said Satanta resident Karen Burrows. “Here are the problems, let’s fix those specific problems.”

Sen. Moran was skeptical that a full replacement can pass and said he hopes Republicans and Democrats can find common ground to improve the system.

“We’re interested in a health care plan that treats pre-existing conditions in a fair and appropriate way, reduces the cost of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles,” explained Sen. Moran.

Moran also said he largely opposed the bill because of the cuts to Medicaid which would force many rural health care providers to close. He said the Senate bill is not fair to Kansas.

“Somehow we need to figure out how we reach a conclusion that takes into account real people’s real problems,” added Moran.

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