Kansas Congressman talks North Korean threat

MEADE, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas Congressman spoke out about the threat North Korea poses to the United States and other countries.

Republican Congressman Roger Marshall spoke out about North Korea during a town hall meeting in Meade Thursday afternoon.

“If we do nothing, within 12-months or sooner, this nut guy is going to be able to reach Seattle or Los Angeles with a nuclear warhead,” said Congressman Marshall.

Congressman Marshall says he worries that threat could eventually hit closer to home.

“Within two years, he’ll be able to send a nuclear missile and hit Fort Riley or McConnell Air Force Base, if we do nothing,” said Congressman Marshall.

So Congressman Marshall went into what he thinks could happen if the United States were to go after North Korea.

“If we go and take him out, it could launch World War III, they’ll be a million casualties in 24 hours, if we try to go in and attack him, he will retaliate, enough of his missiles will hit Seoul, South Korea, it’ll be a bad day,” said Congressman Marshall.

He says he hopes we will find a better solution to the strife between the U.S. and North Korea.

“If South Korea would agree, would ask us to bring missiles back there, bring nukes back to there, if we allow Japan to develop a nuclear program, then maybe North Korea would stand down,” said Congressman Marshall.

Congressman Marshall also talked about the Russia election hacking investigation.

He says he believes Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential Election.

However, he doesn’t think they influenced the outcome.

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