Congressman Marshall stops in Meade, discusses health care

Congressman Roger Marshall spoke about health care, among other topics, in Meade July 6. Photo courtesy KSN News

MEADE, Kan. (KSNW) – Congressman Roger Marshall made some stops to speak in southwest Kansas Thursday.

A big topic of the day was health care and a number of people had some tough questions for Marshall.

Montezuma resident Jackie Borth brought up then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s statements from the campaign trail.

“He promised that he would not touch Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid,” said Borth.

Jeff Borth also told Marshall the nursing home – a leading employer in Montezuma – relies heavily on Medicaid to stay open.

“So if that goes away, which most likely it would, that means that half the people that work there are going to be out of a job,” said Jeff Borth.

Marshall disagreed.

“I want to make sure whatever money we spend on Medicaid go to those people in the nursing home that truly need the help rather than spending on able-bodied Americans,” explained Marshall.

Marshall said both the House and Senate health care plans would include Medicaid cuts but he did not recall the president’s promise not to make those cuts. Marshall supported the House plan and even though he said the Senate bill is close enough, he’s not crazy about it.

“I’m okay with it,” said Marshall. “I think ‘like’ would be a strong word. I would prefer to repeal the whole Affordable Care Act and start over.”

Marshall’s vision of a health care plan would be more focused on finding ways to lower costs of drugs and treatments that make health care expensive in the first place.

“Start attacking just the overall cost of health care,” added Marshall. “There’s certainly some opportunities in pharmacy and some opportunities in transparency to start driving the prices down.”

Some people in attendance spoke with KSN off-camera. They said they applaud the Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Although they didn’t ask Marshall any questions, they said they came to show their support.

Marshall also took a moment to discuss the newest threat from North Korea. He said it’s a delicate situation and he suggested arming South Korea and Japan with nuclear weapons to discourage North Korea from preemptive strikes.

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