Family talks about 15-month-old girl getting burned by fireworks

HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – It only took about 60 seconds for 15-month-old Ashley to get burned, get rushed inside, and have family call 911.

“It happened fast. All of it,” said Doyle Manahan, Ashley’s grandfather. “It shot towards us and I looked around and the thing was on fire. And I jumped up and tried to get her out. Her stroller was on fire.”

Manahan said Ashley was strapped in her stroller and had been outside with the family for just a few minutes Tuesday night. Then, at 9:30 p.m. a firework landed inside Ashley’s stroller.

Manahan said he saw flames coming off the seat of the stroller.

“I guess I really didn’t think,” explained Manahan. “I just got moving. I just tried to get her out.”

Robert Pracht lives across the street from where the accident took place.

“My wife was hollering, that stroller’s on fire,” said Pracht. “And I looked over and she screamed it again. So, I took off running and was slapping on the left side of it, putting the fire out, and burned my hand a little bit. And the baby was burned bad.”

Pracht said another neighbor threw water on the stroller.

“It was hard to get to the straps to get her out, with the fire,” added Pracht.

Manahan said Ashley’s older sister, 5-year-old Marsha, also ran to help. He said Marsha got her hand scorched, but is doing just fine.

Manahan also said Ashley may need a skin graft as part of the healing process.

“When I saw her at the hospital, she waved at me right away,” said Manahan. “She’s in good spirits. But she’s still in a lot of pain.”

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