Wichita Fire Dept. speaks on firework safety this July 4th

Fourth of July (Pixabay/CC0)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s a holiday centered on fireworks, and if you’re not careful those stellar displays can get you in to trouble.

Known for being one of the busiest time for first responders, KSN’s Avery Anderson rode along with the Wichita Fire Department to talk about the do’s and dont’s this fourth of July.

This isn’t just a normal 24-hour shift for Davin Doonan. The 12 year veteran says his station sees a significant increase in calls this time of year, specifically fireworks.

But, Doonan warns, this activity, if left unchaperoned or done recklessly, can lead to injuries. According to Via Christi and Wesley Medical Center, 15 people have already made visits to the hospitals this weekend for firework related injuries.

Though it is legal to set off fireworks in the Wichita city limits, anything that goes higher than six feet is against the law.  And Interim Fire Marshal, Stu Bevis says he’s fed up with people breaking it.

“If you’re caught by a firefighter or by a police officer you can be issued a citation that can carry a fine up to $2,500,” said Bevis.

He wants to remind people, shoot fireworks where you buy them.