Tips for staying safe if you are lighting fireworks this Fourth

Fireworks are a big part of Independence Day celebrations, but before you fire up in the park or the backyard make sure you understand what you should and shouldn’t do.

Here are some tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety.

– Research local fireworks laws and read all the information on the labels before you begin.

– Always wear safety glasses and only light one firework at a time.

– Never let children light fireworks. Make sure there’s a responsible adult on hand to supervise all activities.

– Don’t drink alcohol. Save the cocktails until after the show.

– Never light fireworks indoors or shoot them into containers.

– Have a bucket of water nearby.

– Never relight a dud firework

– Dispose of spent fireworks and duds by soaking them in water and placing them in a metal trash can.

– And don’t forget your pets, they can find the loud booms terrifying. Leave them indoors, preferably in an interior room to lessen sound exposure and make sure your pets have ID tags in case they get scared and run off.