WSU tennis coaches play in Wichita Tennis Open

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Third Annual Wichita Tennis Open started on Saturday. College players, as well as professional players, competed at the tennis courts at Wichita State University. But there was also another category competing: coaches.

Danny Bryan, the head men’s coach, and Colin Foster, the head women’s coach, competed during Sunday’s matches. A coach competing in a tournament like this is not common. Wichita Tennis Open Co-Director Nick Taylor said, “It’s really cool that they decided to play it was kind of you know it was kind of a toss up took a little nudging back and forth whether they were going to play or not play you know through the whole week it kind of started out as you know they were joking about it and I thought wow are they really serious? And they kept going back and forth and in the end they both decided to do it and I think they’re really happy they did.”