Many flock to pop-up art gallery in downtown underpass

A large mural is in process at the Douglas underpass Friday. The mural was part of the Urban Arts Festival June 30. Photo courtesy KSN News

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – An art gallery popped up in downtown Wichita this evening.

“Art should be free,” said artist Samuel Agoita. “I think art should be everywhere. Wichita needs more color.”

It’s all part of an event called “Under the Bridge” at the Douglas Street underpass. The event was put on by the Yellow Brick Street Team, the North End Urban Arts Festival and the Wichita League of Creative Inventionists.

“We had all these great graffiti panels and graffiti artists who were just very energized to create some artwork and we wanted to show that off to the rest of Wichita and the Douglas underpass just happened to be a very under-utilized space,” said Thomas Dalton with the North End Urban Arts Festival.

Those who attended the art gallery tonight were able to put their own special touch on a mural on the bridge.