Residents say they want to fight for Minisa Pool

The Big Pool will reopen next summer, likely under new management

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The city of Wichita is in the process of closing six different local pools and the Minisa Park Pool is one of them.

McAdams Park Pool already locked its gates this summer but Minisa is set to close in 2020 and for that reason, some residents say it’s time to enjoy the pool while it’s still here.

The Riverside North Neighborhood Association said they have been fighting for the pool to stay open, even before the close was officially announced.

“We have provided quite a few opportunities to folks in the area, like free swim day,” said the Riverside North Neighborhood Association’s Vice President, Sharon Quincy. “This is about getting people back into the pool, like they used to be.”

The association says all this is in an effort to get people involved in the community and make them aware that this pool is on the chopping block.

“We anticipate in the neighborhood, perhaps establishing a more wide scale support to keep our pool open as well as other city pools that are being closed,” said Quincy.

The group said it plans to meet every Sunday and Wednesday at the Minisa Park Pool for water aerobics. The class is free but there is a $3 charge to use the pool facility.