Fire officials give thorough inspections of firework tents ahead of Fourth of July

MAIZE, Kan. (KSNW) –  The Fourth of July is right around the corner and, beginning next week, many cities in Sedgwick County will start selling fireworks.

However, before that can happen, the fireworks tents must pass an inspection.

Officials with Sedgwick County Fire District 1 are responsible for giving a thorough walk through of 30 firework tents in the county.

Today, KSN followed them for one of the inspections to see how they are keeping the public safe.

Division Chief Robert Timmons inspected one tent in Maize.

“It’s the same reason we inspect every commercial building in Sedgwick County, the public has an expectation of safety when they come,” said Timmons.

Timmons, with a checklist in hand, started outside first.

“The containers have to be 50 feet away from the tent itself,” said Timmons.

As well as inspecting several areas inside.

“We also check to make sure they have the no smoking sign that are visible from anywhere in the tent,” said Timmons.

Timmons says the purpose is to make sure tents are meeting all the appropriate safety requirements.

“If they meet the requirements we will give them a temporary occupancy so that when the public comes here to purchase fireworks, they’ll have an expectation of safety,” said Timmons.

Walter Rooney works with Black Buster Fireworks out of Goddard.

He is responsible for making sure this tent is in compliance with all the safety measures.

“No business owner in the community wants their customers to come in and be placed in an unsafe environment, that’s why we make sure we are in compliance with the exiting requirements, extinguisher requirements,” said Rooney.

Timmons said they had two inspectors, including himself, who inspected about four tents today.

He said they will have more inspectors out on Monday to knock out the remaining tents.