Commissioner: Gun lockers intended to keep people safe outside courthouse

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Until this week, anyone carrying a firearm had to either leave it at home or store it in their car before conducting business at the Sedwick County Courthouse.

Now, there is an option to store handguns in the courthouse lobby.

The new gun lockers add an extra layer of security for people outside, said Jim Howell, a Sedgwick Counity commissioner.

“It’s not about what happens inside the facility,” he said. “The gun lockers themselves don’t provide any actual safety. It actually enables, it provides people an opportunity to protect themselves when they’re out in the community, when they’re away from this building; when they need to come to this building and do their business.”

In October when the lockers were still up for debate, several commissioners argued they were unnecessary and a poor use for county funds.

For Howell, the gun lockers are all about creating a safe place for transition in a public environment.

The total cost of the new lockers is $73,644.56 but that amount can be broken down into several smaller costs.

The gun lockers alone equate to $4,148.68; the keys cost $44.00; the key box cost $113.99 and the design and build of the gun locker infrastructure came out to $69,337.89.