SW Kansas residents suffer damages from Tuesday night storm

A greenhouse suffered damages after a storm rolled through Ulysses on Tuesday night. Courtesy KSN News
Hail damage near Ulysses (Courtesy: Tammy Lane-Reese)

ULYSSES, Kan. (KSNW) – A storm Tuesday night that swept through southwest Kansas caused extensive hail damage in the Ulysses area, particularly in the north part of town.

One family is dealing with a demolished greenhouse and shattered windows on their rental units. The water that came in from those broken windows also damaged some renovations that had been finished just hours earlier.

“The trailer house had just put a new floor in,” said Gregory Reese, the property owner of the damaged greenhouse. “I mean I just finished it up earlier before the storm hit.”

Unfortunately this is familiar territory for the Reese family. They said they had only recently finished cleaning up after the late April snow storm and now they have to start over again.

The Reese’s estimate about $30,000 in damages, but they are optimistic that insurance will cover most of it.

Neighbors of the Reese’s said they are also experiencing similar levels of damage.