Salina business evacuated after chemical spill

Salina McShares Inc.

SALINA, Kan. (AP) – The company that owns a Salina manufacturing plant where a chemical incident prompted an evacuation says no chemicals leaked or spilled.

Homes and businesses within a half-mile of the McShares Inc. plant were evacuated for about two hours Friday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

McShares said in a statement the evacuations of its Research Products plant and surrounding areas were strictly precautionary. It continues to investigate the incident.

Salina Fire Marshal Roger Williams said a tank that was about one-quarter full of benzoyl peroxide heated up, creating a plume that vented out of the smoke stack at Research Products, a division of McShares.

The plant makes food additives and mixes of vitamins and minerals that are added to wheat, rice and corn flours and cereals.