Marshall opposes trade restrictions with Cuba

Rep. Roger Marshall.

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — The United States is expected to announce tougher policies against Cuba later this week.

This follows reports suggesting that President Donald Trump may reverse a 2014 normalization process initiated by former President Barack Obama.

Obama’s opening with Cuba poured hundreds of millions in U.S. spending into privately-owned businesses on the island and opened a new market for American corporations.

Congressman Roger Marshall spoke over the phone with KSN, saying he opposes restrictions on relations with Cuba.

He says the island nation of 11 million residents is a great market for American agricultural products, and restricting trade with the country would hurt Kansas farmers.

“We’ve already sent a letter to the president specifically suggesting we try to open up markets as opposed to closing markets,” said Marshall. “Certainly, if there’s a super majority of congressmen and women that want to keep those trade markets open, I think the president will listen to us.”

Marshall dismissed concerns of humanitarian issues.

He said on his trip to the island, he saw signs of reform and strong capitalistic ideals.

Marshall also said he’s interested in hearing any different intelligence the president may have on conditions in Cuba.