Warm temps, dry and windy conditions help Kansas wheat crop

VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KSNW) – The warm temperatures along with windy and dry conditions will likely ramp up the Kansas wheat harvest this weekend.

Not much says Kansas like the sound of a combine, the blade moving through the ripened crop and the view from behind the wheel.

“I can’t think of anything better in the world,” said Josh Patterson.

Josh Patterson is a fifth generation farmer near Valley Center. He said harvest season is the best season.

“I just love being in the combine because you know finally everything that we have worked for, you know, we finally get to reap the benefits of it,” Patterson said.

Friday’s warm temperatures along with the weekend’s forecasted heat means a lot of farmers will be hopping on their combines.

“Luckily here in our part of the world, you know, low 90s is good for us because it will dry it out faster and we can get into the fields sooner, so we can get our double crop beans put in,” Patterson said.

While many people may dislike a Kansas breeze, Patterson said the windy conditions are welcome around harvest time.

“You know, heat and wind are a good thing when you’re trying to get wheat ripened,” he said.

Patterson said the real magic happens when there’s warm temps, low humidity and a nice breeze. He said when all of those elements come together, farmers can officially begin harvesting.

“It’s the best feeling,” he said.