Kansas Senate votes to override veto of bill that would increase income taxes

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – The Republican-controlled Kansas Senate has voted to override GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill that would increase income taxes to fix the state budget and provide additional funds for public schools.

The vote Tuesday evening in the Senate was 27-13, exactly the two-thirds majority necessary to overturn the conservative governor’s action.

The Senate’s action sends the bill to the House for a vote. If supporters of the plan muster a two-thirds majority there, the tax increases would take effect in July.

The bill would have raised $1.2 billion over two years by repealing or rolling back past income tax cuts championed by Brownback.

Kansas faces projected budget shortfalls totaling $889 million through June 2019 and the state Supreme Court ruled in March that education funding is inadequate.