Dad delivers highway baby

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WCNC) – A baby was welcomed into this world along the side of Interstate 77 in Charlotte, North Carolina Monday morning.

Becky Ackerman went into labor around 1 a.m., and on their way to the hospital, in the car, she started giving birth.

Her husband Charles pulled off the highway and delivered their son himself, crouched by the passenger door on an off-ramp.

“She told me she could feel the baby coming and I started to panic” Charles recalled later at the hospital. “I was scared and so nervous.”

The couple hadn’t even made it a mile from their house. Charles dialed 911, and a dispatcher named Thomas walked him through the birth.

“He was just trying to keep me calm and walk me through it,” Charles said. “I walked around the side of the truck and he told me to check if I could see the baby, which I could, so we started to tell her to start pushing. She pushed two times and he was out.”