Woman arrested after scuffle at Wichita airport

Lila May Bryan (Courtesy: Sedgwick County Sheriff)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW and AP) – A Texas woman was arrested after scuffling with a Transportation Security Administration agent at the Eisenhower National Airport. The incident happened on Wednesday.

The report says the woman struck the agent and became abusive after he tried to confiscate a bottle of hand product.

KSN spoke to Bryan over the phone, who said she had not taken her medicine that day and was very tired after a day of travelling and not sleeping well at her hotel.

“Maybe, I misunderstood how much I could have. I really went around to the side I wasn’t supposed to be on because I wanted to look at the bottle, I guess I thought it was 9 ounces and I thought it was fine,” Bryan said on Friday.

Bryan spent several hours in the county jail’s booking area and was photographed and fingerprinted before she was freed, describing the concrete holding cell as “cold”.

“It was just blowing cold air constantly and everything was cement in there, you sat on cement, the floor was cement, the walls were cement and I had shorts on, down to my knees shorts but my legs got so cold, my legs started aching and I asked them for a blanket or a pair of those orange pants. I didn’t care what it was, something to cover my legs because I was so cold,” Bryan said.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett says his office authorized her release without bond after finding out about her arrest. She was taken back to the airport and left on another flight with her husband.

“She was very shaken, embarrassed, and I think the simplest description would be overwhelmed… by the time we got to her,” Bennett told our partners at Kansas.com. “She was clearly having a hard time handling the stress of the situation.”

Bryan is back home in Texas, feeling much better.

“Everybody was wonderful to me, Southwest and the district attorney and oh just everybody was so kind to me,” Bryan said.

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