Beef Empire Days kicks off with events for kids

Beef Empire Days lasts 10 days in Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Beef Empire Days kicked off in Garden City today. The 10-day event promotes and educates people on the cattle industry.

The first day focused on families and kids with a youth tennis tournament.

“I didn’t do very well,” laughed Campbell Woodbury. “I got zero. Pretty much love.”

For the first time tennis player, she didn’t mind getting knocked out of the three-day event.

“I really liked hanging out with my friends. We were laughing and talking and just watching people play tennis. It was fun.”

Across town at the library was children’s story hour, featuring ventriloquist Kevin Horner, who had a message about dealing with bullies.

“When you laugh when others are being bullied, you grant them power and permission to continue that behavior, but when you don’t laugh, you take it away.”

The message resonated with kids, like seven-year-old Keagan Dick.

“I liked that so that I can know about what to do,” she said.

Parents also appreciated the lesson.

“I really think it’s an important message,” said Cynthia Marsh, who brought her daughter. “Bullying is kind of a problem, and kids need to learn how to speak up and how to deal with situations in their lives.”

Many adults like that there are so many events aimed at kids.

I think it’s excellent,” said Kristain Messenger, who runs a daycare. “I love what they do and they have something every day of the week, so it’s very nice.”

Beef Empire Days has a range of events planned for all ages, from the parade next weekend to the Ag Women of the Heartland conference, which also began on Friday.