Grain elevators are making room for the upcoming harvest

Many elevators were forced to store grain outside last year.

GRAY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Last year’s wheat harvest was a bin buster, with some farmers seeing 100 bushels per acre. Now, co-ops are making room for this year’s harvest.

“We’ll be in pretty good shape come harvest time,” said Mike Schmidt with Pride Ag Resources.

Last year’s harvest forced elevators like his to store piles of grain on the group.

“We had an exceptional record crop last year,” said Schmidt. “We had more bushels to get moved to make space for this year.”

But for some co-ops, that won’t be as big of a problem this year.

“Is there going to be a little bit of a crunch this year? I’m sure there is,” said Schmidt. “There will be lines and people dumping on the ground.”

Those lines are right around the corner.

“My guess is we’re a good two or three weeks away from harvest in this area,” said Ensign farmer Jim Reinert.

With everything winter wheat has gone through this season, farmers expect smaller yields.

“Oh we had a tremendous production last year,” said Reinert. “My guess is we’ll be somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 to 75 percent of what we produced last year.”

So far, it’s been a smooth process, shipping the grain.

“We took the initiative early to get stuff moved and get it out and make room for the next crop,” said Schmidt.

Pride Ag loaded one final train with grain from their elevators on Thursday.

Wheat harvest is expected to be in full swing in just a couple of weeks, but they may be lucky to break even with wheat prices so low right now.

The break even point for most farmers, when it comes to wheat harvest, is the high $3 to low $4 range.

The price today is $4.29 per bushel.

That’s better than the 10-year low of $2.66 from back in November 2009.

The 10-year high was $10.35 in February 2008.

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