Caught on tape: Shootout leaves two bounty hunters, fugitive dead

GREENVILLE, Texas (NBC) – Police have released cellphone video of the deadly shootout at a Texas car dealership Tuesday that left three people dead. The video may be disturbing to some.

The Greenville Police Department released the video showing the moment two men walked in on a third man sitting in an office.

The Nissan dealership owner says the two men arrived Tuesday afternoon identifying themselves as federal agents, but police say they were bounty hunters who had a tip that a Minnesota fugitive would be at the dealership that day.

Several hours later, 49-year-old Ramon Hutchinson arrived, and the two men walked into an office with guns drawn yelling. Witnesses say Hutchinson dropped his gun on the desk setting off a life and death struggle over it. Six seconds and 20 gunshots later, Hutchinson, and the two bounty hunters, were dead.

They’re identified as 33-year old Gabriel Bernal and 54-year old Fidel Garcia of Corpus Christi. No one else was injured in the shooting.