Wild ride: Woman takes on car thief

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WTMJ) – A Milwaukee, Wisconsin woman is having second thoughts about jumping on the hood of her car after a thief tried to steal it.

Melissa Smith was pumping gas when a group of males in a dark car pulled up, an individual hopped out of the backseat and jumped into her car and started driving.

When she saw what was happening, she jumped on her hood and hung on.

“It’s one of those holy s**t moments,” Smith said. “I probably think I’m tougher than I really am,” Smith said.

The driver tried throwing her off the hood.

“He laughed at me the entire time, so zero remorse,” Smith said.

Smith screamed at the top of her lungs, which is what she thinks prompted the suspect to get out of her car. The suspect got out, but the car wasn’t in park.

“Then, I had to chase my car into the street and stop it before it hit somebody else,” Smith said.

Police are still looking for the suspects. Smith was told the car they were in was stolen.