Satanta teachers dealing with hail damage

Melissa Dusin's car window.

SATANTA, Kan. (KSNW) — Two first grade teachers at Satanta Elementary School are dealing with major car damage after Monday night’s hail storm.

They were both indoors when the storm came, and they were shocked to find their windshields shattered.

“I was really glad that we hadn’t been driving in the car at the time,” said Melissa Dusin, whose rear car window was completely shattered. “It was parked in the parking lot, and with the glass being shattered, I was glad that nobody was in the car at the time.”

Kelsey Blair’s front windshield.

“I’ve seen hail storms before, but not to this nature,” said Kelsey Blair, whose front windshield was also shattered. “I mean, it was pretty powerful, and the dents on my car are pretty big.”

They haven’t had the damaged assessed yet but say they’re driving very carefully until their cars are fixed.

They say several cars parked at the elementary school and nearby also took hail damage.