Child nearly struck by Metro train

A young boy narrowly misses being struck by a Metro train in Houston. Courtesy KPRC

HOUSTON, Tex. (KPRC) – Security cameras captured an extremely close call at a Houston Metro train platform.

The above video shows a young boy step into the path of an oncoming train, then scramble to safety seconds before it speeds past.

Metro officials released surveillance video of the incident to urge parents to talk to their children about the dangers of crossing train tracks.

“The video is very disheartening, it really shows you what a close call can happen when people aren’t paying attention,” said Jerome Gray, vice president and senior press officer for Metro.

“It’s our ongoing effort to really try to educate and inform people about safety along the rails,” Gray said. “This is a reminder that we have to constantly refresh, reeducate, share the information about safety on the rail lines.”