New York man is making a real-life “Forrest Gump” run

Photo Courtesy WSTM TV

(WSTM) – Rob Pope loves the view during his runs, whether he’s running in the city, or in the country. Pope is running with nothing more than his tent and sleeping bag while he runs from coast to coast.

This is the third time Pope’s third time making the feat in less than a year.

“It’s just sort of fantastic to all the different types of environment from the desert, to the mountains, to the lovely green hills of New York,” said Pope.

He said he is combining his love of running with his fandom of the film and book, Forrest Gump. He started in the same place as Forrest did, in Alabama.

“One of my favorite stories was when I was on my first crossing when I was in downtown L.A. and a 12-year-old kid shouts, run Forrest run,” noted Pope.

Pope said fewer people have run across America than have climbed Everest.

He said he is largely running to raise awareness to two charities: World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct.

“I think a lot of people wish there were more people like Forrest in the world,” said Pope. “You know he didn’t judge anyone. He just generally tried to make people happy.”