Mother’s Day cards, mail stolen from Wichita resident mailbox

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s the time of year when many people mail cards off to their mothers, or to someone celebrating a graduation.

However, one Wichita man is warning people to be on the lookout, after his cards and mail were found laying on the street.

Mark Bogner says he was simply trying to do something nice for his mother for Mother’s Day.

“We got our moms some nice, pretty Mother’s Day cards and wrote some sweet messages in them and put them in our mailbox, put the flag up, never thinking anything more about it,” said Bogner.

Bogner says the next day, him and his family got a knock on the door from the Wichita Police Department.

“A Wichita police officer knocks on the door and says that she found them over on Socora Street, in a pile with other opened cards, she says she figured they were probably looking for cash, the police officer was talking when she described it as if this was a fairly routine thing this time of the year,” said Bogner.

Law enforcement officials say it is important to safeguard your mail.

They say only use a secure mailbox, either a post office box, or one that takes a key to unlock.

They say traditional mailboxes leave your bills and letters open to thieves.

“Sometimes people are applying for credit cards that way, sometimes they’re paying bills with checks that way that’s a lot of information right there, you’ve got a routing number, you’ve got an account number,” said Sgt. Santiago Hungria, Wichita Police Department Financial Crimes Commander.

As for Bogner, he’s giving more thought to changing from the mailbox he currently has.

“It makes me wonder should we get a locking mailbox where we can only get mail out of it and then if we ever want to mail something we have to drive and drop it in a mailbox somewhere,” said Bogner.

As well as, trying to make others aware.

“I’ve definitely told all my family, friends and neighbors don’t stick anything of value in the mailbox and leave it, expecting that it’ll still be there when the mailman gets there,” said Bogner.

The United States Postal ServiceĀ urges people to not send cash in the mail and to pick up mail promptly after it is delivered.

If you want to switch from the traditional mailbox that does come at a cost.

For lockable boxes, they range from $20 to up to $700.

To get a P.O. box for one year, the price ranges from $64 to $594.

The price depends on where you live and size of the box.