Huge python wrangled on camera

(NBC) – A python hunter has reeled in a colossal catch in the Florida Everglades, and his wrestle with the huge snake was caught on camera.

In the video, you can see Dusty “The Wildman” Crum sneak up on the giant snake barefoot and tackle it with his bare hands.

Crum says the catch is the biggest snake he’s ever wrangled. Crum believes the 16-foot, 10-inch python was pregnant and perhaps injured by another animal.

He works with the South Florida Water Management District’s Python Elimination Program.

More than 50 snakes have been captured since the project started in march to eliminate the invasive species.

Although it’s not known for sure just how invasive the python is, estimates range from 10,000 pythons in the Everglades to 100,000. The hunts are paying off for the natural wildlife and Crum too.

Hunters make $50 for the first four feet of snake and $25 for each additional foot.