President picks Kris Kobach to help lead commission on voter fraud

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – President Donald Trump has signed an executive order, creating a commission to investigate voter integrity and to provide data collected from all 50 states involving cases of voter fraud.

He’s tapped Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, as the Vice Chair of the commission. It’s a new job, but nothing new for Kobach.

In the last several years, Kobach has tallied nine voter fraud convictions. Now, he will do it on a national stage.

“So what this commission is going to do is gather data from all 50 states as well as from the federal government,” says Kobach.

Kobach says the commission will look at the voting system and identify issues such as double voting or improper registration.

It’s something the League of Women’s Voters Co-President Sharon Allsleigher says is concerning.

“I have registered voters since 1978, and in all that time, we have not had a problem in Kansas,” she says.

Allsleigher says there are bigger issues to tackle.

“We already have concerns about the percentage of voters that turn out.”

But Kobach says voter fraud is enough of a problem to warrant a response.

Right now, Kobach says he’s looking into about 125 cases of non-citizens who registered or attempted to register to vote in Kansas.

He says it’s his belief there could be similar cases in other states.

“We are going to for the first time in history have a federal entity looking at the problem of voter fraud and the broader question of election integrity,” says Kobach.

“As far as voter fraud goes, we don’t feel there is any. Our concern is that they are going to try to put more barriers for voting,” adds Allsleigher.

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