Court docs indicate WaKeeney police chief tried to keep son out of jail

WAKEENEY, Kan. (KSNW) — Just one day after he was arrested and released, WaKeeney police chief Terry Eberle was arrested again, after being accused of violating his bond conditions.

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar obtained documents from the Trego County District Court that said Eberle’s bond conditions– outlined in a hearing on May 3 — included a “no contact order” with witnesses, with the exception of family members, unless it was for the purpose of conducting police business.

A document from the assistant police chief said that Eberle had come in to the office later that day “upset that his office had been evidence taped and that he was not allowed in his office.” It goes on to say that Eberle discussed the case with the assistant chief and said, “Terry stated that he felt like he had been stabbed in the back.”

Eberle is charged with seven counts total — including blackmail, harassment by telecommunication device, intimidation of a witness  or victim,  tampering with a public record, and theft.

The investigation goes back to August 2012. The documents indicate Eberle tried to persuade the Trego County emergency management director to “give a false statement which would materially alter evidence, with the intent to prevent or hinder the prosecution of Joshua Eberle…” – who is Terry Eberle’s son.

Joshua Eberle was charged in April, with one count of theft, accused of taking gasoline from Trego County.

According to documents, Eberle altered hours worked by officers in 2015. It said Eberle used two officers for unauthorized services, which is considered stealing from the police department.

KSN reached out to the county attorney, but he could not provide any comment on the case.