Funky prom suits go viral

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) – A group of high school students in Madison, Mississippi wanted to make prom memorable, so they decided to wear crazy suits.

The St. Joseph Catholic School students’ picture went viral, and now the attention is expanding even outside of Twitter.

“We did it to stand out, but we’re definitely standing out now,” said Stedman Strickland. “We didn’t know it would get this big.”

“I posted it that night and originally I didn’t think anything of it, and it just started blowing up,” said Nick Louvier, who posted the original tweet.

The attention from the suits goes even beyond Twitter. Shinesty, the company that sold the clothing, has reached out to the boys directly.

“They want us to spread some love on Twitter and Instagram and possibly become ambassadors for their company, maybe work out some internships or something like that so there are some very interesting opportunities coming along,” explained Taylor Lyle, who was also contacted by the Green Bay Packers for his Packers-themed suit.

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Note: A previous version of this story indicated that Shinesty was the maker of the suits. Although they do make their own suits, Opposuits is the maker of most of these particular suits.