Trump’s rural task force could impact Kansas farmers

Trump task force to examine rural prosperity.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – President Trump’s executive order on Tuesday to establish a rural task force put 23 cabinet-level and senior-level officials in the same setting with America’s farmers.

The task force is conducting a 180-day review of how current federal policies affect American producers. From that point, the secretary of Agriculture will submit a report to Trump to decide which items to take congressional action upon.

“From a Farm Bureau perspective, we really appreciate this president being willing to actually have a conversation with rural America, it’s been a really long time since any previous president has actually created a rural task force or even called a group of producers in to visit with the president at the White House,” Ryan Flickner, Senior Director of Public Policy at the Kansas Farm Bureau said.

The last president to implement a rural task force concept was Ronald Reagan.

The task force will take on issues that may be hindering American farmers purely by policy. One of them being what has become a buzz word in the Trump administration: immigrants, or in this case, agriculture workers.

“We’ve gotta make sure we have a workforce that is willing to go out to the feed lots, the dairies and actually work in dusty and hot climates all throughout the summer to make sure that the crops are produced and brought in,” Flickner said.

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins took to Twitter to express her take on the task force.

“I am encouraged by President Trump’s executive order establishing White House Rural Task Force to help our rural communities. There is a lot of work to be done to help our farmers, small businesses and rural communities. I will continue to do my part in Congress to help,” Jenkins said in a statement to KSN news.

After the 180 days is up, Trump will decide which regulatory or statutory changes could be made and whether or not to require Congress to act on them.

The overarching goal of the task force is to ensure rural prosperity.

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