KSN Threat Tracker for Friday, April 21, 2017

9:52PM We are not done yet! We still have a large area of light to moderate–even some heavy–rain in the Eastern part of the KSN viewing area. We’re down to just some sprinkles in the Wichita metro but East of the I-135 corridor we still have quite a bit of rain on our Storm Tracker Radar. Join us for tracking on KSN News at 10, or catch up with radar here on KSN.com anytime.

8:44PM While rain has pretty much tapered off in Western Kansas, we are far from finished in the Central and Eastern parts of the KSN viewing area! Along and East of the I-135 corridor we are still tracking some areas of light to moderate–even heavy–rain and thunder. No severe weather–large hail or high wind–is expected with this. It will just be rain. But remember the ground was already wet in many places so watch for some localized flooding in areas that get heavier rain. Away from your TV remember you can track the storm easily with our free KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

5:56PM Coming in moments on KSN News at 6, the latest tracking of rain and thunder rolling across Kansas including the Wichita metro area. Tune in now or check radar anytime here on KSN.com.

4:52PM Tracking widespread rain and thunder in Kansas, including right across the Wichita metro area. Severe weather–hail and wind–not really in the mix. But there could be enough rain for long enough to cause some headaches. Rain should end tomorrow morning–but wind, clouds and cool will be stubborn. Join us for KSN News at 5 to check your weekend plans or check here on KSN.com anytime.

3:37PM Rain and rumbles remain widespread across Kansas at this hour. And, the Wichita metro area should see the rain picking back up over the next hour as the next round moves in from the West. No severe weather is anticipated but locally heavy rain could cause ponding on roadways and reduced visibility. Track the rain with our free KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

12:50PM More showers are popping up to the southwest of Wichita this afternoon. Remember, you can always track the rain yourself right here!

11:30AM Coming up on KSN News at Noon, I’ll time our rain out for the rest of the day, and look ahead to when sunshine returns this weekend!

10:15AM Steady rain is moving east through the Wichita Metro now, and will continue for the next 1-2 hours. More rain is then likely later this afternoon and evening. Radar here: http://ksn.com/weather/interactive-radar/

8:45AM Rain is moving in this morning, and will be ongoing for much of the rest of the day. Watch me time it all out on Stormcast right here!

7:30AM Showers and non-severe storms are moving northeast into southcentral Kansas this morning, likely impacting Wichita by about 8:30am. Expect moderate to heavy downpours causing ponding on the roadways, along with occasional lightning. Track the rain here: http://ksn.com/weather/interactive-radar/

6:30AM Even if it’s not raining where you are just yet, you’ll want to grab that rain gear before you head out the door! Showers and primarily non-severe storms are expected across Kansas all throughout your Friday, with the heaviest rain likely reaching Wichita during your drive home this evening – so please be cautious! Grab the KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere App to track the showers while you’re out and about today.

5:15AM A *Severe Thunderstorm Watch* is in effect for our northern Oklahoma counties until noon today. Severe storms are NOT anticipated in Kansas today, though a strong storm or two can’t be ruled out.

4:45AM Showers and storms are ongoing across Kansas and Oklahoma this morning, with even a *Severe Thunderstorm Warning* for Beaver County in northern Oklahoma for up to quarter size hail, moving east. Tune in to Kansas Today for more details!