KSN Threat Tracker for Wednesday, April 19, 2017

11:00PM Severe Thunderstorm Watch allowed to expire. Storms will continue moving slowly with very heavy rainfall and occasionally some small hail and gusty winds. With the slow movement, watch for localized flooding overnight.

9:45PM Warnings once again allowed to expire but we are still tracking some remaining strong storms. Penny to nickel size hail and 50mph winds still possible with the stronger storms. And there will be locally heavy rain as well. Complete storm tracking coming up on KSN News at 10. Away from your TV, radar anytime here on KSN.com.

9:37PM The Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been trimmed again–only a few counties still covered by it. Here is the latest view:

Watch as of 9:37PM

9:19PM Now monitoring a couple of storms with potential for some quarter sized hail and 50-60mph winds–the storms Northwest of Hutchinson, and storms in Edwards and Kiowa Counties. Remember you can easily stay connected and protected with our free KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

9:03PM Storms Northwest of Hutchinson have strengthened again and may produce quarter size hail and 50-60mph winds.

8:35PM Warnings continue for a few storms but we are seeing a low level threat at this point–quarter size hail and 50-60mph winds with the strongest storms. In addition, there have been some adjustments to the Watch. It remains in effect as you see here:

Watch as of 8:36PM

8:09PM The general weakening trend continues with our storms this evening. But there are still quite a few that are still covered by warnings and still could produce quarter size hail and 50-60mph wind. The gradual weakening will continue but storms will persist much of the night with some heavy rain.

7:52PM Storms continue across Central Kansas but there has been a bit of a weakening trend with most storms now capable of quarter to half dollar size hail. That is down from earlier reports of 2″ or hen egg size hail. They are also still capable of some gusty winds and very heavy rainfall. It appears conditions are such that the storms will persist for a few more hours. Radar anytime here on KSN.com.

6;57PM Tennis ball size hail possible with the storm just North of Ellsworth.

6:50PM 2″ hail reported Northwest of Ellsworth. That is hen egg sized.

6:32PM Storms still producing quarter size hail and 60mph wind. There is some indication of weak rotation and it is not out of the question that we could see a weak, landspout type spin up. We are monitoring conditions carefully. Remember you can track storms anytime with our KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

5:49PM Still tracking several storms with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in Northcentral Kansas. We have had one report of quarter size hail from these storms. They are North of I-70 from Lincoln into Mitchell County. Complete storm tracking coming up on KSN News at 6. Radar anytime here on KSN.com.

4:52PM Tracking the first storms of the day, trying to go up in Northcentral Kansas. They are trying to form a bit of a line stretching from near Beloit to Northeast of Russell. Coming up on KSN News at 5, we’ll track the storms, and we’ll look ahead to the next round on Friday. Join us now and stay connected and protected with our free KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

3:52PM A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for Central and Northeast Kansas until 11PM. As you can see, the watch does NOT include the Wichita metro area. It is not out of the question that we could see a tornado, but the greater threat this afternoon and evening in this area will be large hail–quarter to golfball size–and 65mph winds. Here is the latest Watch outline:

Watches as of 3:54PM

3:37PM A Tornado Watch has been issued for Southeast Nebraska–this is out of the KSN viewing area–where the threat for storms and possible tornadoes is increasing a bit more rapidly. We still do think that storms will fire down into Kansas as we go through late today into this evening. We should not be surprised if or when a Watch is issued for our area. Great time to make sure you have your KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app on your mobile!

2:23PM We continue to monitor the threat for severe weather, which will probably develop later today or this evening across Central and Northeast parts of Kansas. While the tornado risk is not zero, it is not a particularly favorable set up for tornadoes across Kansas. More likely, the strongest storms will produce large hail and high winds. The risk area is basically from Wichita to Great Bend, on Northeast. And remember to stay connected and protected with our free KSN Storm Tracker 3 Everywhere app.

Severe Weather Outlook

11:50AM Severe storms are possible across Central Kansas late this afternoon through this evening as a cold front sweeps across the state. These storms will likely merge into a line of storms as they progress eastward. The main hazards will be large hail and damaging winds. Minor flooding also may occur. In the meantime, enjoy a windy and warm afternoon with high temperatures in the 80s!

6:00AM Late this afternoon we will have the risk of strong to severe storms developing in parts of NC and SC Kansas. Hail and high straight line winds will be the primary concern with any storms that develop.

5:00AM Off to another nice mild start to the day today. Temps are very mild and south winds are getting gusty, but it’s that wind that will bring us into the 80s this afternoon.