Butler County high speed chase ends with arrest

BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Butler County dispatch says a high-speed chase with deputies and a motorcycle has ended with an arrest.

“The started with a motorcycle accident on Thunder Road west of Augusta,” says Butler County Sheriff, Kelly Herzet. “There were about sixty cycles in the group and one had an accident.”

While officers worked to clear the minor accident, dispatchers got word of the cycle group stopping at the Augusta Wal-Mart. “The Augusta Police says some in the group were doing wheelies and donuts in the parking lot.”

For safety of Wal-Mart patrons, officers went to check it out, and that’s when Herzet says a chase happened.

Herzet says several in the motorcycle group were blocking both lanes of traffic on Highway 54, between Andover and Augusta. And, Herzet says, one of the cyclists in the group hit speeds of up to 120 miles an hour, so they called off a short chase.

Next, Herzet says, one of those in the cycle group was driving in the wrong lanes, going west in the eastbound lanes.

“An officer then clipped the cyclist at a very low rate of speed at one point,” says Herzet.

Herzet says near US-54 and Santa Fe Lake Road an officer then chased the suspect on foot, and made an arrest.

“Several of them had go-pro helmets in the group, so a lot of this will probably end up on YouTube,” says Herzet.

The Butler County sheriff says it anyone sees the videos, he would like them to send it to the sheriff’s department for evidence.

The one man arrested is facing several charges.