Give a Little: Keely

Keely has waited more than a year to meet her match

12-year-old Keely is a bright and talented 6th grader waiting to meet her match.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Like most non-profit organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters relies heavily on fundraising to support its mission. Bowl for Kids’ Sake provides the biggest chunk of that money. So with that in mind, we headed to the lanes to meet one waiting Little who’s waited long enough.

12-year-old Keely might look familiar to you, she’s certainly familiar to us. KSN featured Keely as one of our 12 Littles of Christmas in December of 2015. She’s still waiting to meet her Big Sister.

“It’s been a little tough,” she told us, “but then you get the excitement of wondering what your Big Sister is going to be like, and look like. It’s part of the anticipation.”

What a great perspective from someone who’s both thoughtful and positive, and we both needed a little optimism after getting off to a slow start.

“Not very good, Keely,” I said about one of my less than stellar shots.

The thing is we were having such a good time, neither one of us seemed to care.

“That was a good shot though,” I reminded her after just missing a spare.

And speaking of shots… she had no problem taking one at my not-so-fundamental footwork.

“You look like a super, like a salsa dancer,” she said with a grin.

A witty sense of humor from this gifted student who goes to two schools so she can take advanced English classes. At home, she’s a big sister. Now she looks forward to the experience of being a Little.

“Having a Big Sister would be like, all my little siblings look up to me and then I’d have somebody to look up to.”

Or maybe go bowling with… I promise, it will be a blast. The final score won’t mean a thing. I just know on this day, I walked away a winner because I got to spend an evening with Keely.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Big or how to start a Bowl for Kids’ Sake team, go to KSN looks for its fifth-straight media fundraising championship. If you’d like to help support us, join the KSN team by clicking here.

Also make sure you watch our interview with Shelly Chinberg of Big Brothers Big Sisters at the conclusion of our story.