Seth’s St. Jude story

St. Jude treats patients up to 21 years old and follows their progress for life.

Seth's health has improved dramatically, but his St. Jude story is not completely written.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (KSNW) – When we celebrate the work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we often picture the comfort and care they provide for little ones. But the truth is, they offer treatment and support for patients up to 21 years old.

“I remember when I got diagnosed,” Seth Bombet recalled. “I felt like this was like the end of the path and the future was so uncertain.”

Seth had his future carefully mapped out. He was weeks from graduating from LSU and had already been accepted to medical school in New Orleans. But this avid runner couldn’t ignore the constant pain in his right leg.

“At St. Jude, it was confirmed that I had an osteosarcoma, which is a rare malignant bone cancer in my right femur, and they also they also found one metastasis in my lung,” he said.

The road ahead looked treacherous; surgery and chemo therapy loomed. But within hours of arriving at St. Jude, Seth and his family found peace and hope.

“My first meeting the first day here with my doctor he told me this isn’t the end of your path, it’s just a detour.”

Several months later, his prediction is coming true. Part of the bone in Seth’s right leg was replaced with a metal rod. Doctors removed a few small tumors in his lungs. He’s now starting to think about the future, again, with a nod to his past.

“I know I want to do something in pediatric oncology and come back and work here at St Jude.”

Call it the ultimate St. Jude success story. Seth and his family will walk away without a dime of debt. Instead of paying for his treatment, he’s looking to pay it forward.

“I would feel incredibly grateful to be here, not only treating patients who have gone through this, but also hopefully helping research to make things better for children in the future so that nobody has to go through this,” he said with a smile.

That research is shared freely among other hospitals. Looking back, Seth says he wouldn’t change a thing. What he may change is someone else’s life down the road.

“Everything that St. Jude has done for me has sort of given me a purpose and something that I could really be passionate giving back to. This place truly does make a difference.”