Ferret that received pacemaker improving

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Zelda, the ferret, recently received a pacemaker during surgery at Kansas State University.

On Wednesday, veterinarians at K-State gave her the thumbs up regarding her health. The swelling of her heart has gone down, and she is doing much better after the installation of the pacemaker.

Zelda had a blockage in her heart which caused a low heart beat and a lack of energy. It was a first for K-State to implant a pacemaker in a ferret.

“We felt really good when we were able to actually hook it up to the battery and actually see it working,” said Emily Klocke, clinical associated professor of clinical services. “We had immediate feedback once we had everything connected to see that it was working, and it had increased her heart rate and that her heart rate was much better and steady with the pacemaker working.”

Zelda’s owner tweeted Wednesday saying, “Zelda’s tests were all good. Her heart is normal size again. Some adjustments to ferret pacemaker. Can stop all meds. Thanks Kansas State Veterinary Medicine.”