Wichita State honors student heroes

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita State University is calling them heroes, and after hearing their story, you may feel the same way. Martina Salerno said it was a sight that caught her off guard, as she looked down from the second floor of the campus library to see one of her peers on the floor.

“Someone yelled, call the police!” explained Martina. “I didn’t know what was going on, no one did.”

Tyler Hull, a student at WSU, was unconscious in the campus library.

“I was wondering who was going to help him and then I decided he needed help right now so, I juts did it.”

Martina says she took EMT training as a senior in high school so even though she didn’t know Tyler, she felt confident about helping him. Martina explains how she held Tyler’s mouth open and made sure he was at the proper angle while also making sure his tongue wasn’t blocking his throat. She was able to secure his airways while another student jumped in to do chest compressions. WSU police were on the scene within minutes and used a portable defibrillator to get Tyler’s heart going again.

Wichita State University honored the students and police officers that jumped to action to save Tyler’s life. The president of WSU was joined with faculty members in saying that this is the essence of what Wichita is all about, lending a helping hand without having to be asked to do so.

All the students, police officers, and first responders were presented with a certificate and or plaque at the ceremony as a reminder that a helping hand can save a life. The ceremony was concluded with a special thanks and food for all in attendance. Tyler Hull was not able to make it to the ceremony but he is recovering and wants to return back to school soon.