Wichita mom reflects on 3 year old’s death: ‘He will be missed, but never forgotten’

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The mother of the toddler who was hit and killed by a truck driver on Wednesday night said she doesn’t blame anyone involved in the tragic accident.

“He would always give you that smile,” said Shayla Nalley.

Nalley is the mother of Benjamin Fulsom. She described the 3-year-old as extremely curious and bright.

“He’s very energetic, very lovable. Everybody loved him. He loved people. It didn’t matter who you were, he just loved you. He was very smart,” Nalley said.

That’s how Nalley wants people to remember her son, as an intelligent, loving-young boy.

“People talk about losing loved ones all the time, try being a mom and losing your 3-year-old son, there are no words,” she said.

Nalley said Benjamin was with his dad and two younger siblings on their way to Walmart on Wednesday night when they stopped at the Jump Start gas station in south Wichita.

Police said while the toddler’s dad was inside the store paying for gas, Benjamin jumped out of the family van and ran toward the store. They say as he was crossing the parking lot, a truck driver hit him.

“Then he told me they were doing CPR and I dropped the phone and I hit the ground and I just lost it and I cried and I cried,” Nalley said.

Benjamin died at the scene.

“How do you plan a funeral, your first funeral ever for your kid?” she said.

While Nalley said she is still struggling to come to term’s with her son’s death, she said she doesn’t fault anyone involved in the accident.

“I don’t blame anybody, I don’t blame the owner of the vehicle that hit him, I don’t blame his dad, I don’t blame Jump Start because accidents happen and it’s just God’s way of saying he was needed elsewhere,” Nalley said.

Nalley said Benjamin was known for getting out of his own car seat. She said there were child locks in the back of the family van, but the front did not have child locks.

KSN asked Wichita police if the driver of the truck could face any charges. A spokesperson said the incident was a ‘terrible accident.”

A gofundme account has been set up to help pay for Benjamin’s funeral expenses.