Kansas seeks citizenship proof from longtime voter

Voting (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – Attorney David Morantz has turned to Twitter to raise the public alarm after getting a notice from Johnson County election officials telling him he needed to submit proof of citizenship to register to vote.

He tweeted a copy of it, asking “What’s up with this,” and noting he has been a registered Kansas voter since 2002.

The county election office tweeted back Thursday telling him to disregard the letter, saying it was mailed in error.

Deputy Election Commissioner Debbie Tyrrel says it was a data-entry error that affected only Morantz.

Morantz says he has real concerns about what he calls “anti-voter laws,” adding he wanted to alert others who got similar letters.

The county has been sending out notices to people telling them to submit citizenship documents to complete registrations.