Dodge City schools lose food in the ice storm

Dodge City schools will reopen on Thursday

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Students in Dodge City have been out of school all week, and the power problems have cost the school district some serious money.

“We had power outages all over our community, and it affected specifically five of our schools,” said superintendent Alan Cunningham, “and those schools were down until late last evening.”

The ice storm forced Dodge City Public Schools to close every day so far this week.

The power outages hit several schools, and cafeteria food kept in refrigerators had to be thrown out.

“We were pretty lucky in that we were able to stop some shipments,” said Cunningham, “but we did lose a significant amount of fresh produce that we keep on hand for our school lunches, and we also lost a lot of the milk that we had stored up for this coming week.”

The district is still doing inventory, but they estimate they lost several thousands of dollars worth of produce and milk.

They’ve ordered a new shipment of food and will be able to reopen schools tomorrow.

“This is kind of a special circumstance,” said Cunningham. “Our vendors have been very helpful in making stuff available to us.”

The superintendent says the three snow days this week won’t impact the length of the academic year.

“Depending on the school, we have between four and five days built-in to the schedule for snow days, so I think we’re going to be okay unless we have another hit of bad weather, and then we’ll see what we have to do after that.”

A couple of schools like, Dodge City High School only have four snow days, because they also host a music festival that closes the school for a day. Still, the school year will end on time unless another storm cancels a few more days of school.