Barton County crews prepare for slick roads

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) — In Barton County, it seems that people listened to warnings about staying inside and not driving — and if people are driving, they’re driving slowly.

According to Great Bend police, law enforcement hasn’t responded to any accidents in the county area yet, but they expect that will change once the storm really comes through central Kansas.

“We got the moisture obviously but I don’t think the temperature is frozen just quite yet enough to cause the pavements to be slick,” said Sgt. James Bachar. “So at this time we have not taken any accidents, but I foresee in the future, tonight we’ll be taking some.”

Police will have extra officers on-call, if the storm gets really bad.

As for the roads in Great Bend, police said they will be keeping in constant contact with the city street department.

The police are also keeping in contact with all the gas and electricity providers, just in case there’s any outages.

Bachar said people should not be fooled by the current road conditions. Police are reminding people to stay inside.