Fire officials warn residents about makeshift heating devices

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – With potential of power lines coming down, fire officials are warning residents of do-it-yourself idea’s to stay warm.

So KSN decided to put some of them to the test. First, a flower pot heating idea.


“This is not a good idea,” says Battalion Chief Stuart Bevis, “Any kind of make shift device to try to do heating can lead to an issue. In this case the flower pot on top of there can get hot. Someone can touch it and get burned.  If left unattended it could break because it is not made to take heat, it is not a heat conducting device.”

And if you don’t have a candle, some social media posts suggests crayons can serve that purpose,


Bevis says, that’s another bad idea.

“It is a very bad idea, we have an open flame it is not in a protected area,” says Bevis, “I would not highly recommend anything like this. I don’t even like showing this.”

He says leave the crayons for coloring.

You can use candles, he says just make sure they are in a safe place away from anything flammable.

Bevis says the best thing you can do is get stocked up on all the items and materials you need like blankets, gas, and candles, ahead of the storm.