Are you ready for a possible power outage this weekend?

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Representatives for Westar say their power lines are sturdy but too much ice buildup combined with wind could be enough to take them down.

Even once a storm is over, there’s still a risk for problems, said Shane Batchelder, with Westar.

“It is not unusual to have a few additional outages or things like that as we make repairs as ice melts and as tree branches and tree limbs start to shift and the ice melts off and they snap back up into place,” Batchelder said. “Just kind of a word of heads up.”

That’s why it’s suggested you download the Westar smartphone apps to your phone to track possible outages in your area and find out what the power company is doing to fix the problem on a minute by minute basis.

If your home sustains damage during the storm, it’s recommended you bring an electrician out to look at your meter or other equipment that might need repairs beyond what Westar can do.

You can only do so much to prepare for a severe winter storm but with a few small steps, you can be ready to go.

Make sure you have an alternate charger for your phone that doesn’t rely on electricity;

You should have bags of ice ready to go in case your fridge no longer works during a power outage to keep your food from going bad;

Keep your gas tank full because gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps;

And finally, have that emergency kit packed with warm weather gear, flashlights, batteries and snacks ready to go.

For a full list of what to include, click here.