Shoppers stocking up in advance of winter ice storm

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – When a winter storm approaches, grocery and hardware stores get very busy.

KSN visited a couple of grocery stores and a hardware store Thursday, checking up on what shoppers are looking for and how workers are keeping up with a steady stream of customers.

At the food stores, among the staples being purchased are milk, bread, canned goods and all the basics.

One customer told KSN she came Wednesday to stock up, and decided Thursday she needed to get more just in case.

“I’ve been in where I’ve gone in and there is no milk left because have had a run on it to where you can’t get it, so I always try to do it a few days before hand,
said shopper Roberta Stafford.

Others KSN talked with are prepared to stay home for several days in case the roads get bad.

Meanwhile, hardware stores also are doing a brisk business.

Marc Haynes has lived in Wichita almost his entire life. He knows very well it’s always best to be prepared for winter weather, which is why he made sure to pick up winter weather necessities at a local hardware store.

“Some de-icer for my cars, always good to have that on hand to put that in your window washers,” said Haynes.

He was also looking for ice melt that’s safe for his pets to be around, something Indian Hills Ace Hardware Store manager Wayne Butterfield says has been going fast.

“For those particular products, I would say I sold as much yesterday as I did in January and February of last year.”

As for the shelves at the hardware store, Butterfield said he’s planning to order more winter products like ice melt, knowing full well more people could be coming in tomorrow and even this weekend to stock up on what they need.