Crews prep for winter storm, have chainsaws on hand

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Crews across the state of Kansas spent Thursday preparing for a winter storm.

The Goddard Public Works Department used nearly 7,000 gallons of brine to pre-treat roads in town.

“Following that we made sure all of our vehicles, all of our materials were gassed up including chainsaws and generators,” said Justin Constantino, the assistant to the Goddard city administrator.

Constantino said it’s key to have chainsaws on hand during a potential ice storm so crews can clean up debris quickly.

“In the event trees come down, we want to be sure we are able to remove limbs from the streets, make sure driveways are cleared, streets are cleared,” Constantino said.

Crews in Haysville said they are also concerned about the ice. They too have chainsaws on hand.

“We have got about three chainsaws greased up ready to go, new chains next to them, fuel next to them, so if something does happen whether it’s city property or somebody can’t get into their driveway, we can help them,” said Haysville Assistant Public Works Director Tony Martinez.

Martinez said his workers spent Thursday mixing salt and brine, gathering their equipment and preparing their trucks.

“We’ve been fueling up all of our machinery, making sure everything is working correctly and we actually went and got some extra salt this Wednesday,” Martinez said.

Haysville crews however, did not treat the roads. Martinez said it’s for a good reason.

“When it starts it could be above freezing, where it’s going to be rain and it’s going to wash all the brine off and we are just not comfortable putting in a lot of staff hours and labor doing that,” Martinez said.

Both Haysville and Goddard city officials said they are ready for whatever type of weather may come their way.

“Bear with us. It is an event that’s coming. We are doing the best we can. A lot of these guys are working 12-hour shifts, staying away from their families and the most important thing they enjoy doing it and they take pride in it,” Martinez said.