Wichita drivers voice concerns over “dark zones” along Kellogg

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – For months now, drivers have felt the headaches of construction along Kellogg.

But, some busy areas including Kellogg and I-235 and Kellogg and Webb, are causing more concern because the roadwork has left limited lighting for drivers at night, and during the early morning hours.

“Right around dusk, you start seeing these areas where it’s just not well lit at all. You’re going hustle and bustle with traffic and it’s really hard to gauge where you are with other drivers,” said concerned driver, Richard Schraeger.

The dim lighting has even affected businesses around those places. Groves Retail Liquor on East Kellogg has seen a drop in sales over the last several months.

According to the store manager, Mason Hewitt, the owners of the store forked out more than $25,000 for additional lighting in their parking lot to make it safer for customers.

“We had a lot of problems with people coming in a little bit fast into the parking lot, we’ve had a lot of concerns with people going north bound and south bound on Webb Rd crossing Kellogg,” said Hewitt.

KDOT says that because of the construction, they’ve had to take out some of the sources for lighting in the area. One of the ways they’re working to make the area safer is to drop the speed limits in that area, so people slow down in a darker zone. KDOT will be adding significantly more lightning to the areas once the construction projects are complete.

Wichita City officials told us they had added some temporary lights here near Webb, but the store owner we talked to says it’s still not enough.