USD 428 to add security cameras on school buses

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) – The school buses in the Great Bend district will soon be getting new security cameras.

Nearly a year after two incidents of battery involving members of the swim team traveling to and from swim meets, the board met Monday to approve adding cameras to the eight older buses that don’t have them.

According to Great Bend’s interim superintendent Khris Thexton, some of the newly purchased buses already have security cameras on them.

“The biggest thing to have the cameras on there is, it not only protects our students, it protects our drivers as well, and it’s just a way of recording what’s going on on those buses,” he said.

The cameras could be placed at the front, middle and back of the bus — it all depends on how big the bus is and how many seats are available.

“We’re looking for pretty good coverage, so that we could cover most of the bus,” said Thexton. “So that way we have the footage we need for the buses.”

KSN’s Amanda Aguilar asked if this has anything to do with the bus incident involving the swim team, that ended with several students being convicted of misdemeanor battery.

“It’s kind of our district plan is to make sure that we’ve got safe areas for our students, not only buses but our buildings as well,” said Thexton.