Kansas colleges prepare dorm applications for conceal carry policy change

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Starting July 1 2017, big changes are coming to Kansas colleges and universities.

“I am definitely against conceal and carry in dorms,” says student Kellie Deutsche.

Whether you like it or not, that’s exactly what will be allowed for students 21 years or older.

The Kansas Board of Regents’ policy says specifically a university should not ask housing applicants whether or not they plan to conceal and carry.

Kansas State University is planning to be flexible.

“If there is a situation where they are together and one of them chooses to conceal carry and the other is not comfortable with that, then our student life housing staff will do everything they can to accommodate the student and shuffle the roommate around,” says Vice President of Administration and Finance Cindy Bontrager.

And for the second year K-state will use RoomSync, an online software, where students get to choose their own roommates and can have open discussions amongst themselves about their own preferences.

As for Wichita State University, they too won’t be asking if anyone plans to conceal and carry, but they’re going to add more options for students to discuss their specific preferences.

“There are ways to get that information without asking are you going to exercise your second amendment right and your statutory right to carry conceal,” says David Moses of General Counsel at Wichita State University.

Officials say their application will be in line with the Kansas Board of Regents code,

Still some students are worried about what the new changes might bring.

“I would definitely not want to live with someone probably who is concealing and carrying so I would hope they would have a good idea who is,” says Deutsche.