Wichita police chief talks drug related homicides, solutions to the problem

WICHITA, Kan. – –  A recent drug related homicide in east Wichita prompted Wichita’s chief of police to sound off on social media.

Chief Gordon Ramsay talked about the common theme of drugs being the cause of  many homicides in Wichita.

Last Wednesday, Ramsay posted on twitter saying:

“Common theme in a number of our homicides this year: drug deal gone bad.”

The tweet was in reference to a fatal shooting of a 23-year old man near Rock and Douglas Road, two days before Christmas.

“We’ve seen a number of our homicides have a direct nexis to a drug deal, drug transaction,” said Ramsay.

So KSN asked, how is the chief tackling the problem?

“Those who are peddling drugs and those that are behind all this violence in their drug sales, those are the ones we are targeting,” said Ramsay.

Drug and gang investigations are focusing on solutions to the problems.

Ramsay says technology is also another useful tool his department is utilizing.

“One of the things we are really focusing on is data and analytics on where these crimes are happening, where the robberies are happening, whose involved,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay says his department is using a tool called COMPSTAT, short for computer generated statistics.

He says the system was implemented last year.

“Focuses on hot spots, problem people, and it is about accountability, quick and timely use of data to deploy resources,” said Ramsay.

Also, Ramsay stressed the importance of community policing and getting officers out of their cars and engaging with the community.

It is something he says will also play a role in helping deter the drug issues the city is faced with.

Ramsay says he will also look into the staffing study the city council approved last summer.

He says that study should be completed in the spring.

It will help the department gauge how many officers are needed and where they are needed as they move forward.